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Fast becoming one of the leading names on the Blues scene, this exceptionally talented act is one of the most captivating on the live circuit today.  


Following on from his critically acclaimed album ‘Can’t Keep Still’,  which gained his band play listing on BBC Radio Two, Gary has strived to develop  his music  further with his new album by engaging high class musicianship for the recording on these new songs.

Lisa Mills who is gaining massive popularity within the UK and is in as much demand on the live circuit as she is back in her home state of Alabama added her superb vocals to several tracks.

Fresh from his involvement on the Roger Daltry / Wilko Johnson hit album ‘Going Back Home’ Steve West Weston added his harmonica to the track ‘’Steamtrain Blues’.

The brass section comprised two of the country’s finest players in Graeme Turner ( Steve Marriott, Robert Plant, The Equals amongst many more ) and Lee Badau from ‘The James Hunter Six’.


Full album line up;

Gary Porter – Vocals, Guitar.

Phil Mount –  Drums.

Geoff Conway –  Upright (back to front) bass.

Dave Melling – Organ & piano.

Sting ‘Ray’ Davies – Organ, Piano & trombone.

Graeme Turner – Tenor & Soprano saxophones.

Lee Badau –  Baritone & Tenor saxophones.

Steve West Weston – Harmonica.

Lisa Mills – Vocals.

Amarra & Shanice Smith – Backing vocals.




Contact; Steve Dominey        07837 561498

Email;          southofthecountry@gmail.com


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